Yosemite Spring Photography

Paul Lessig

I am a recovering film photographer in need of post processing.

Influences: Fred Picker, Saint Ansel, Jack Turner and Charlie Campbell.

Lindsay Lessig

I am a perpetual student of photography.  I love looking at the world thru a lens. It makes me look deeper at what I am involved in!

Large Format photography was a means to see the world in a slower, more methodical, more enlightened way.  I love and miss it!

I am drawn to images of people, things, intimate scenes and landscapes.

We divide time between living on our sailboat in Seattle, a home we built near Moab, Utah and spending time in New Orleans. All extremely photogenic!

Nurse by trade.  Wanderlust by nature.


Dennis Stover (who will accompany us on our bike ride).  

The first 35mm camera I picked up was back in the late 60’s. Shot film up until Nikon introduced their Coolpix 880 camera back in the 90’s. After that purchase I sold all my film equipment.

I specialize in Spherical Panoramas.  These are the type of interactive pictures that give the illusion a web camera is floating in space and you have full rotational and some zoom control. 

I have been going on trips with Dave for years.  Each time I learn something new.  Here are some panoramas from the various trips/vacations I have been on:   Since I have a Machinist background I make just about all the hardware required to shoot panoramas.  Have lunch with me and I will share some photos on my tablet from previous trips.


Janet Peters - Retired - Currently residing in Lake Wildwood, Penn Valley, CA.

Photography and creating are my passions. My equipment is Nikon. I am loving creating composite images using textures and paintings with my photography.

You can see my work at

I am camping this trip. Is anyone else?

Vicki Marcusse  -  I’m also on Facebook under Vicki Marcusse, SAN JOSE, CA

I grew up in the South San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose).  I moved away for business back in the early 1990’s. I came back to Sacramento in 2012 to be a full time caregiver to my mom (she just passed away in November). I’m now back in the Bay Area with the rest of my family and getting my roots back.

I’m a single adult with no children (but I am an adopted Aunt to my best friend’s children/grandchildren).  I love kids and have a degree in Early Childhood Development, as well as a BS in Applied Organizational Management.  Currently, I am a Purchase Manager for a company out of Dallas Texas.  I work remote from my home in San Jose, which has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

I started photography as a hobby back in my junior high school years and continued into college.  I have actually taken a photography course for a day in Yosemite back in the 70’s and it was fabulous. I am now just getting back into photography and learning all over again with my first DSLR camera.  My old Cannon SLR gave up the ghost years ago, so I’ve been a smartphone photo buff only since then.  

I’m so excited to be taking this course because Yosemite is my soul place, full of wonderful memories over my entire youth.

I will be camping for the weekend and then have reservations at Housekeeping Camp on Sun, Mon, Tues nights.  If anyone would like to stay a few extra days after the course and would like to share the Housekeeping tent set up, please let me know. I’m going to continue biking and hiking for the extra days with my camera and hoping to get some wonderful pictures. 

I’ve just turned the magic Double Nickel and plan to do a lot more travel with my new camera.  I enjoy all kinds of travel, but camping is my all time favorite.  I plan to get an actual RV once I retire. I bought a bike a year ago but have not had a lot of opportunity to ride so it’s coming with me for a workout!  

I enjoy many different actives including camping, hiking, horseback riding, knitting, crocheting and cross stitch.  I love trying new things and adventures so long as they are not too dangerous (not into high risk stuff).

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and making some new friends!  

Photo: I’m the one on the left.  My sister in law is in the middle and my mom is on the right.  This was the last trip with my mom back in September of last year.


Calvin Bradshaw  (@calvinbradshaw )  

Now in my late 40’s (well OK, very very late 40’s!). I have been an amateur photographer for about 25 years. I have shot a number of weddings, lots and lots of portraits sessions, pets, cars, and landscapes etc.  I just love experimenting with light, and am always learning and seeing new ways to shoot and capture images.  I’m a Canon shooter, and often head over to Ken Rockwell's page for some no-BS advice and inspiration, so it was awesome when i stumbled upon this tour! -- I just had to sign up.

I have an IT outsourcing company in Australia, and live in Brisbane (but travel to Melbourne frequently). 

I am married with 2 sons, 11 and 12 years of age, and have a Golden Retriever ( )

I work hard, so I reward myself with conference trips like this one, and always sneak in some photography!  After this Yosemite trip, i am driving on to Las Vegas for a conference for a few days, then maybe Death Valley, then maybe even back to Yosemite to shoot the lunar rainbows next weekend (

Looking forward to meeting everyone!


SmugMug Gallery:

(Also; About me: Linked-in: 500PX Gallery: and Instagram: )

Don Gardner:

I am a 73 year old retiree living in Sun City West AZ, which is an area  rich in resources for landscape photographers. I started my photography career in High School using a Sears Tower 6x6 camera and of course the obligatory Speed Graphic for school functions.  

It was great when I got my first Pentax Spotmatic 35mm, which I used many years until Digital arrived. I have owned more digital cameras than I can remember, each better than the last.  Most recently I have purchased a Nikon D810, which I find to be a super Landscape camera, and may be my last digital camera. I can't really see going beyond 36mp, but that's also what I said at 24mp.  

I really love to shoot slide film.  Currently I have a Bronica SQ 6x6, a Fuji G690, the Fuji G617 pictured, and a Chamonix 4x5 with mosty Fuji lenses, and of course a Nikon F4 which mostly stays on the shelf. I shoot Fuji Provia and Velvia as well as Kodak Ektar. Some of my photos can be seen on Flickr, if you do a search for fujifreak, they should come up. 

I promise I will only be shooting digital this weekend, unless I'm asked to drag out one of my film cameras. It might be cool to have a 6x17 panoramic shot of the group with half dome in the background.  

Christine Krieg

Australian-born photographer Christine Krieg has travel running through her veins. Infected with the travel bug while flying over the Amazonian rainforest over two decades ago, she has since photographed in 34 exotic and not-so-exotic countries. She loves to share her passion for the amazing world we live in and her love of photography with everyone she meets.

Her work has been published in various newspapers and magazines. She teaches photography and leads workshops in San Francisco, California and internationally, most recently in Myanmar Next up: Cuba! Join her meetup group to see her upcoming workshops, check out her work and follow her adventures on Facebook.

Allow her enthusiasm to inspire you to unearth YOUR creativity and learn how to see with new eyes.








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