Yosemite Conservancy
Photography Seminar - May 14-17, 2015

Lynne Joiner

I've been going to Yosemite for many decades and enjoy the changing seasons and weather patterns, so eager to see what Mother Nature has in store for us!

Early in my journalism career, I was a freelance photographer for Newsweek and LATimes Magazine, but soon moved into TV news reporting,anchoring,and documentary filmmaking ...and most recently have written a book (see my website www.honorablesurvivor.com)

I gave up heavy cameras after my Nikons got stolen-- and now enjoy using a light, compact digital Canon with 50mm zoom lens...just back from fantastic trip to Morocco earlier in spring.

John Jackson

I am an enthusiast that got started in photography over 40 years ago in a high school course. I now have more time to travel and have decided to increase my knowledge and the timing of the course couldn't be better. I can't say specifically what I am trying to get out of this course other than just seeing other peoples approach to photography.

Charles (Chris) Herbert

Chris describes himself as an intermediate photographer,  "good enough to know that I'm not very good." He adds:  "Equipment wise, I'm bringing the kitchen sink."

Dora Gropp

I am a retired electrical engineer and had the good fortune to visit Yosemite for the first time last November with my friend Lynne Joiner, who will be along this time too. I live in Alaska and have been a long time photo hound, but now use only a point and shoot - with zoom however.

Ingrid McCarty

I'm a pretty new photographer.  I have a background in art, mainly oil and acrylic painting. I started taking photos as material for painting. I have been playing with settings, taking landscape and close ups of a variety of subjects. I love being outside, hiking, biking, birdwatching or rockclimbing.  I live in the SF bay area with my husband, and work at Palo Alto Medical Foundation as a cytotechnologist.


Shaun Terhune

I grew up in the great state of Vermont, home to rolling green mountains, cows, and maple trees and tin sap buckets. It's hard to sum up my childhood in the Northeast Kingdom, where I was raised and my family still lives in the log house we built there. Many formative happy years were spent on our little farm. I was homeschooled, given a little freedom and a bike, and quickly learned to appreciate the natural world as I hiked, biked, camped, backpacked, skied, snowshoed, fished, canoed and photographed my way around the northeast.

An irrational obsession with rocks and the outdoors from toddlerhood eventually led me into a career as a geologist. My professional life provided opportunities to travel all over North America and even into the arctic, flying missions with an aerospace company in Nunavik Canada and later working on the north slope of Alaska.

As the outdoors has managed to permeate every part of my professional and personal life, photography has too. As a traveler and outdoorsman, no matter what I do, my appreciation for this incredible world keeps me married to a camera.

I am something of a purist in my approach to photography. I love to search out those really, really special places and that really special light, and replicate for others what I saw in real life, as closely as possible. My work at least attempts to represent my personal experience in some way. I've been featured in a few galleries and publications here and there, but still consider myself an intermediate hobbyist with lots to learn.


Dennis Stover

The first 35mm camera I picked up was back in the late 60s.  Shot film up until Nikon introduced their Coolpix 880 camera back in the 90s.  After that purchase I sold all my film equipment. I specialize in Spherical Panoramas.  These are the type of interactive pictures that give the illusion a web camera is floating in space and you have full rotational and some zoom control. 

I have been going on trips with Dave for years. Each time I learn something new. I have been on this trip one other time.

Here are my panoramas from my last Yellowstone trip:  http://www.dlsphoto.net/Yellowstone2012/Yellowstone2012.htm  Since I have a machinist background I make just about all the hardware required to shoot panoramas.  

John Hallett

I consider myself an intermediate photographer.  I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and bought my first SLR, a Canon AE-1, back in the early 80’s.  For many years, I was satisfied with shooting in automatic.  I always felt I had a good eye for shots, but knew relatively little about the camera or post processing.  In the last 2 years, I’ve become very passionate about photography and I am working diligently to up my game. To that end, I’ve participated in a number of classes and seminars in the last year and just wrapped up a 16-week course with a well-respected photographer here in Indiana (Darryl Jones). This summer I’ll be participating in an 8 week course with Darryl focused on nature photography.  I currently use a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 70D.

Each of us has a unique perspective and I look forward to absorbing everything thing I can from everyone one on upcoming trip.  I enjoy traveling and this will be my 2nd trip to Yosemite this year, with a third coming later this summer.  I first encountered Yosemite in 1986 and it, along with Yellowstone are two of my favorite places in the US.


Judy Doherty

I enjoy workshops and learning from everyone plus I love the outdoors!