Hello, Sacramento Valley Photographers,

Our trip, April 5-8, is coming up soon. Here’s a look at our itinerary:

Thursday, April 5, 2018 - Arrival

4:00 pm: Gather in breakfast area of Hampton Inn
Early Dinner – The Burger Salon
Photos on the west side of Woodland through sunset
Night Cap – Father Paddy’s, Woodland

Friday, April 6, 2018 (work our way north along the west side of the Sacramento Valley)

Early morning photography
Sacramento River Area
Reclamation District 108 (we may see field workers and crop-dusters)
Explore the small towns of Grimes, Colusa, Willows, etc
Visit a 500 acre ranch
Photograph along the west side of the Sacramento River
Visit the Matchbook Winery
Return to Woodland for it’s First Friday Artwalk
Dinner in Woodland - join Steve and Dave or dine on your own

Saturday, April 7, 2017 (we'll work our way north, on the east side of the Sacramento Valley)

Early morning photography
Drive to photograph the Sutter Buttes, aka “The World’s Smallest Mountain Range"
Chico Farmers Market
Tour de Chico
Honey Run Covered Bridge, Table Mountain
Towns of Oroville and Marysville
Return to Woodland
Dinner and socializing

Sunday, April 8

Sunrise Photos
Action Camera Swap Meet

We're not sure who's joining us for the entire time or part of the time. Come for a little or as much time as you wish. Join at the start of each day or find us later. Steve Beckley and I are still working on locations and times in the morning.

So if you're not staying in Woodland (that is, if you're coming from the Bay Area or Sacramento or from north of Woodland), we're going to let you know where and when we'll be after our early morning sessions in the Woodland area. We'll also be reachable by phone (323 377-7565). 

You know where Dave's staying (the Hampton Inn) and because our chief guide, Steve, lives in Woodland, the town will serve as our basecamp for our trip. 

As this is an experimental trip, we're not setting an ironclad itinerary, with either times or locations. We will stick to the basic plan each day, though. For now, the important consideration is that we all try to meet up before we leave Woodland after breakfast.