Cultural Mirages: Route 66 and the Mojave Desert

February 6-8 2015

Explore the cultural icons left behind by those who had a love affair with desert highways. Field sessions, centered along old Route 66 east of Barstow, will include the detritus of failed human incursions in the harsh desert environment. We'll gather Friday evening in Barstow. Our base of operations will move Saturday to remote Amboy, to photograph famous Roy's Cafe and Motel, a classic roadhouse straight out of the middle of the last century and undergoing a leisurely restoration. And we'll finish up on Sunday with a cornucopia of locations out from Barstow, traveling west to along a remote, seldom-driven section of the old highway, before finishing up ending the trip at the folk art Bottle Farm.

Instructor: Dave Wyman. Co-instructor: Ken Rockwell ( Includes a group meal, and a cornucopia of unique photography field sessions ferreted out through years of prior explorations.

Cost: $350