Noir You See It, Noir You Don't

February 15, 2015

In the 1940s Hollywood invented an at first unnamed genre that examined the criminal, cynical, cruel, nightmarish, and erotic realms of the human psyche. The films, often made in black and white, were eventually dubbed "film noir." Early on, film noir was associated with the mystery novels of writers like Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett, with their anti-heroes. Heroes, villains and femme fatales could be anyone, though. While locations could anywhere in the world, too, the black heart and soul of these dark movies usually took place in graphically stark, urban settings.

Beginning at mid-day, our photo tour, which will stick to locations in around around Hollywood itself, will take us to locations depicted in noir films, like the classic "Double Indemnity," the teen-noir "Rebel without a Cause," and the neo-noir "Blade Runner." And we'll explore places in Hollywood where noir's dark themes have been expressed, not in films, but in true crimes. Our outing will also include dinner at an iconic Hollywood Blvd. restaurant. Before we're done, we'll photograph kitchy Hollywood Blvd. after dark and under its bright lights.

An optional follow-up evening session at Dave's home, about two weeks later, will give us a chance to share and discuss our photos 

Cost: $150