Route 66 Photography Tour - February 5-7, 2016


Al Jaszcar: I have been both an amateur and professional photographer since 1964. I have been published in several Chamber of Commerce directories and have sold prints to businesses ranging from real estate firms, economic development agencies, dental chains, and internet businesses to name a few. Now retired and living at Sun Lakes Country Club, I am still very much active in the communities and my photos have been on the cover of several  Lifestyle Magazines, the most recent being this last January's cover.I am also an avid train(railfan) photographer.

I am a Leica shooter, shooting with both film and digital which includes a Leica D-Lux 109, M9, M6 and with mostly Leica, Zeiss and Voigtlander glass. I focus on landscape photography and post them on our Sun Lakes and Sun Lakes Back Porch Facebook pages."

You can find Al at and

Bryan Scanlon is on a mid-life break from 25 years in technology marketing and communications, spending most of it with his camera and Lightroom. He lives in Walnut Creek, CA, with his wife, daughter, and two pooches. Find him on Facebook ( or Flickr ( and you can see the few good pictures he's taken.


Steven Shorr: Photography has been in my blood since a very young age. I got my first camera at around age 8. I recall it was a "brownie" type 620 or 120. My father was a avid photographer and began teaching me to see beyond the lens. He set up a dark room in our storage room and we would develop and print our photos. I got my first 35mm camera, a Ricoh at age 13. My passion for photography would surge and ebb for years until I retired and brought my first digital SLR. Since then, 25000 images and 3 cameras later, It's more than a hobby, it's a passion. 

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Rev. Peter Tobias is an Orthodox Priest working in the private sector as an Agile Transformation Coach.  He lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, their three children, and two Daschunds.

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Barry Nation: Graphic designer by trade, artist and wanderer by nature. This will be my second Route 66 trip with Dave and crew. Currently most of my landscape and nature work is centered around the Chattahoochee River, its tributaries and surrounding natural areas around my home in Atlanta. Water is usually a central theme, whether it's the beauty, movement, abundance or lack of it. Much of my work also explores industrial and commercial decay, abandoned places and wide open spaces (of which we are lacking in Georgia, the land of trees!). I also enjoy traveling with my wife and daughter - and carving out a few photo excursions along the way...

Sonya Versluys: I am a writer and photographer living in Silverado, Orange County.  In the past my photos have appeared alongside stories and articles that I have written, but these days they appear mostly on canvas in homes, boutiques and restaurants.  And thanks to my connections in the writing world, some book covers and pages, too.  I’m not great about the upkeep of an online presence, but you can find me here:



Richard Nolthenius: I’ve been interested in photography since my teens in the 1960’s – back then just documenting my desert adventures with fellow high school amateur astronomers. Later, as an doctoral student at UCLA, I learned to love photography. I joined Cabrillo College a few years later and created their Astronomy Program, including one of the very few dedicated Astrophotography course sequences offered anywhere in the college system. Being out under the stars in dark and quiet places inspires me. 

I often bring dedicated former students to places like Pinnacles National Park, the White Mountains bristlecone forests, Big Sur’s dark canyons, Carrizo Plain, and the Mojave Desert. I also conduct Field Astronomy courses, which often include a bit of astrophotography, in which we spend a weekend camping at some of the most spectacular natural settings in California, from Mt. Lassen, to Carrizo Plain, to the Mojave, and everywhere in between. 


I am Jeff Mirkin.  I’m 63 and have been married to my wife Allison for 35 years.  We have 4 kids;  Matt (32), Stephanie (30), Ryan (29) and Nick (24).  Matt and Stephanie each got married about 2 years ago…we’re still waiting for our first grandkids!!!

I’ve been retired since November 2014, when I sold my business of 30+ years, Budget Rent a Car of Southern California.

I’ve been an amateur photographer for most of my life.  I got into digital photography around 2000, and has been my biggest source of education and inspiration.  I shoot with a Nikon D600, almost exclusively using an 18-200 lens.

This Route 66 workshop is the kind of trip I’ve been looking forward to since I retired.  There’s so much more for me to learn and I’m excited to spend this weekend with all of you!

David Triplett: I am an Architect by profession, but I have loved photography since the age of 8, when my Dad gave me my first Polaroid Land camera. Some years and several cameras later my love of photography was solidified when I received a gift certificate to the Nikon School for my 19th birthday. Yes, I’m an unrepentant Nikon guy, and I still have my old Nikkormat EL.

I dabbled for 40 years with 35mm SLR's and point-and-shoot digital. I re-energized my passion in the last few years with the purchase of my first DSLR, and I've recently moved up to a newer, more capable D7100 body. I love how digital allows me to experiment and quickly develop my abilities, without the cost and complexities of film, processing, and printing. My creative passion is for all manner of landscapes, nature, wildlife, and the like. And, yes, I do enjoy architectural subjects. The joke is that most of my own design work is of a nature that, for security reasons, I'm not allowed to photograph. (This is kind of hard on my professional portfolio.)

I love living near and photographing red rock country, the desert, and the high mountains. I miss the Coast, having grown up in SoCal, and get there at every opportunity.  I am on the steep part of the learning curve for PS and LR. I love learning and look forward to receiving feedback, comments, and suggestions to improve my art.


Matt Michaelis is an engineer by profession, but has been an amateur photographer ever since he got a 110 camera when he was a kid. His interest in photography over the years has waxed and waned. He enjoys landscapes, travel, and macro photography. He creates a family photo calendar every year.  He lives with his wife in Boulder, Colorado.  Matt has some of his photos on Flickr, here:


Carole Scurlock, from Pasadena, California: Snow hiker, traveller, and street shooter, I have been on many of Dave’s trips but Route 66 is my favorite. 

View her photographs here:


My name is Kit Blaemire. I was born In Copenhagen, Denmark, and have lived in Los Angeles since July 1965.

I have enjoyed photography for many years. Joined up with Dave Wyman on a workshop to Yosemity, in July 1984, and have been a devoted member of the IQ-group ever since.

Edward Smith!

Savva Teteriatnikov: I am a designer who has worked in Footwear and Industrial design. Also an artist making drawings on large photo paper printouts.\

My Art website is